Build Your Predictable Cashflow system Now
Pay Later...

What You Need to Know

 You can get started for $525 a month or less!

 No pre-payment penalty (you can pay it off tomorrow if you want!)

 No money down

 1st payment isn't due for 30 days

 Only a soft pull on your credit to get pre-approved

 Your business investment will be funded through one of our 15 different financial institutions

The Process

 Click the application link button below

 It only takes 3-5 minutes to apply

 Choose major purchase

 Apply for $16,000 (to cover the investment of the program + any fees)

 If pre-approved, you'll get to chat 1:1 with a funding specialist to get the best offer for you

The Requirements

 Either 1 year of W2s OR 2 years business tax returns

 620 credit score or higher

 Minimum 40k a year in income

 US citizen *currently working to expand to other countries!

Don't meet these requirements? No worries!
We still offer our regular payment plan... just DM us for your options!

Get funded in minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  Which of the 3 credit bureaus are used to determine your approval? 

We work a number of different lenders and they all pull different reports.

  Do you provide funding for outside of the United States?

Not currently, we're only offering this funding service for people inside the United States. However, we're working on expanding soon! 

We also have our regular payment plan options available for all countries. Just DM Team Jaxx or send an email to for more details!

  What are the rates & terms?

Funding is unique based on your special situation. The best way to determine this is by getting pre-approved through the application above (click the button). It is quick, only takes 3-5 minutes & once pre-approved you'll be able to speak directly with a funding specialist to go over your exact rates & terms!
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